Buzzing Bird Studios The Blue Star Collection

I'm so excited to introduce you all to The Blue Star Collection. This collection was created for The Blue Star Connection's upcoming silent auction.  The Blue Star Connection (BSC) is a program of the non-profit organization Grand County Blues Society. Not only does Blue Star Connection work with musical therapists and children in various hospitals and clinics, but BSC also hosts fundraisers and benefit concerts in many cities around the USA in order to support it’s cause. 

The Blue Star Collection earrings

The Blue Star Collection The Blue Star Collection necklace The Blue Star Collection bracelet

After creating these four items for them I decided to sell the collection and donate 50% of the proceed to The Blue Star Connection in order to help them fulfill their mission. The Blue Star Connection mission is to provide access and ownership of musical instruments for children and young adults with cancer and other serious life challenges. To date we have reached over 800 hundred kids and have donated musical gear to 65 Children’s Hospitals and Music Therapy programs, as well as several other community programs.  Purchase your item today and I will send your donation to The Blue Star Connection. 

It is so important to create every item I make with purpose and to bring joy to others. I am so hopeful that this small gesture will help bring joy to children in need of a positive creative outlet. I know how much happiness using your creativity can bring to your life. My creativity is something I am so grateful for. I am hopeful that my creations can help others be able to express theirs in an absolute time of need.